Using Rumblelist’s Universal Calendar

Look at your workday through the lens of a calendar

I know a lot of people that do.    The problem is, my work day is dependent on not just the projects I’m working on, but often the work that other people within my company are responsible for.  I access my Google Calendar 5 times a day, but as a manager, I look at my team calendar about 20 times more often.

Rumblelist’s universal calendar view gives you access to all the activity going on across all your active checklists and their subsequent projects.

Different Views

Toggle your calendar view between daily, weekly, monthly, or list view.

Filters Extravaganza

Rumblelist’s filter view provides you with the ability to quickly reduce or enhance the content of your calendar.

Show only your tasks
or show everyone’s tasks
filter tasks for specific checklists
and even specific projects within those checklists
Google Calendar

Oh, by the way …

Did we mention that we integrate directly in to Google Calendar?  Just tell Rumblelist which Google Calendar you want to use and we will keep all your Rumblelist tasks in perfect sync.

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