Turn Your Blog Into a Living Checklist

Checklists are All the Rage

You can hardly search the Internet today without landing on someone’s checklist.  Today’s influencers and content writers have recognized that providing their readers with a clear and concise checklist provides tremendous value. Blogs and how-to articles that provide checklists do two things different than blogs that don’t contain them:

Checklists help quickly summarize the main points that the expert is trying to get across.
Checklists provide the reader with actionable advice and takeaways.

In general, checklist oriented blogs, infographics, and how-to articles are unique in their ability to deliver something different than your traditional content.

Taking it a Step Further

What if you could take your checklist oriented blog and actually allow the reader to click a button so they would immediately have access to a live version of your checklist?  Your article would immediately transition from a “good read” to a tangible item that the reader could walk away with.

Providing your readers with a live checklist that they can actually use not only helps them, but also helps you:

Consolidate your position as an industry leader and influencer.
Stay front and center in your reader’s mind.  Every time they use this checklist, your expertise and knowledge will be remembered and appreciated.  It’s a great way to build a loyal following.
Provide recurring value.  Rather than having someone read your blog and hope they remember what you said, you can use a live checklist to re-enforce the guidelines and tasks that you are recommending.

Making It Happen

Turning your blog’s checklist into a living breathing set of tasks has never been simpler.   All you have to do is create a free Rumblelist account, transcribe your checklist into a Rumblelist project, and then submit it to our gallery.

Step 1: Create your free Rumblelist account

Before you can begin, you need to have a Rumblelist account.

Step 2: Import Your Checklist

Once you’ve created your account, log in and import your blog’s checklist.  Start this process by clicking Create Recurring Checklist from the home page.

Creating your checklist should be a simple matter of copying and pasting the steps into Rumblelist.

Step 3: Submit Your Checklist to Our Gallery

Navigate to your newly created checklist and from the drop down menu on the right, click “Contribute To Gallery”   After filling out that form, we will review your submission and let you know once it has been published.

Don’t Forget …

Once your checklist has been published onto the Rumblelist gallery, you will want to provide a link to it from your blog or web page.  Make sure your readers know that within a few clicks they can be using your checklist immediately!

As a contributor to the Rumblelist gallery, you get a free Personal account if you link your blog post to your gallery entry.  Everybody wins!