Crank Through Your Checklists with Rumblelist’s Task View

Inverted Task Views

With Inverted Task Views, we’ve invented an entirely new way of being more productive.

It’s a rare day when you find yourself working on one thing at a time.   This is especially true when it comes to managing your checklists.  At any given time of the day you may be running through multi-checklists at the same time.  Take for example:

  • An HR manager in the process of on-boarding 3 new employees on the same day.
  • A product training webinar that includes all your new customers from the previous week.

Whatever the case may be, we understand that often times you are going to be knocking out the same task for multiple projects at the same time.

In a traditional project-oriented application you would run through something like this:

The Hamster wheel of Task Management

Not very productive, right?

Rumblelist’s Inverted Task View tackles this problem by allowing you to flip this paradiam upside down.  Instead of looking at your list of projects first, you can view a list of all the common tasks across multiple projects at once.

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